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Read the agreement and agree to it by checking the box at the bottom of the
page. The next step is to enter the verification code that was just sent to the e-
mail address you previously provided, as shown in Figure 1-6.
Figure 1-6. Verification code page
Once the verification code is entered, you will be directed to the billing
information page. You will need to enter the exact information on your credit
Select the iOS Developer Program at $99 USD (or 128 SGD, if you live in
Singapore, as I do).
Figure 1-7. iOS Developer Program fee
You have the opportunity to review your enrollment information one last time
before submitting. Carefully review the information.
Next, accept the iOS Developer Program License Agreement (so many
agreements to read). You can access the agreement (as of the October, 2011) at
the following address:
Confirm your acceptance by checking the Agreement box at the bottom of the
page and clicking ''I Agree.''
You're almost finished! This is the last mile. You must add the iOS Developer
Program to the cart, as per Figure 1-8.
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