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As I close out this topic, I want you to be aware that there is a whole world out there eagerly waiting tasteful
online advertising, and it's one that hasn't even been dreamed up of yet. While I know most people frown upon
advertising as an evil, keep in mind that it offers a great revenue model for content providers offering premium free
content to a wide variety of audiences and so we're at a very good transitioning point to make the digital advertising
industry effective again and redefine a lot of what has failed us and our users in the past. So, please be receptive to the
change and offer guidance in how you'd like to see this industry take shape in the coming years as it makes its move
into using web standards.
Lastly, know that the Web is becoming more open, and we're all on the cusp of many great things ahead in web
development, web applications, and digital advertising. Now that the Web is on phones, desktops, laptops tablets, and
televisions, the market has exploded with more growth and opportunity than ever before. Today it's on your television,
but tomorrow it will be on billboards, cars, elevators, appliances, and more places we haven't even thought of yet,
which will mean much more competition and more needs from advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their
marketing goals. We've learned a lot from our digital past with HTML4 and Flash, but one thing is for certain: web
standards won't go away, so learning the new features of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is one of the best thing you can
do for yourself and your career.
I personally want to thank you for reading HTML5 Advertising . This is a fairly new topic, and the topic was an
attempt to set a baseline for strategy and development throughout the transition in the industry. As we all push
forward, the information will undoubtedly need to adapt but I hope you found this informative and fun to read.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments when you begin your next digital campaign. As we
continue to narrow in on a complete HTML5 specification and complete browser support, you'll be in a great place
to take this entire industry head-on. It's going to be an exciting few years to come, and I really hope you're looking
forward to the developments as much as I am.
Keep experimenting!
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