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applications much like you would using other OTT STBs, watch movies, surf the Web, and be social with your
communities. With the anticipated release of IE 10 on Xbox and with Xbox's new advertising initiative called NUads
( ) leveraging the Kinect, you should see amazing experiences within ads on these new
platforms. Microsoft is in a very good position to offer amazing living room entertainment experiences through web
standards from the likes of WebRTC while using device hardware such as Xbox and the Kinect. We're not too far off
from interacting with web-based content through body movements, gestures, and voice commands.
The Xbox, PlayStation, and the Wii consoles are all very sophisticated hardware and devices for gamers and
people who enjoy entertainment. Sony's PlayStation 3 with firmware update 4.10 gives the device a “sort of ” compliant
HTML5 browser. I state “sort of ” for the sole fact that it scores pretty low (80) in the overall grand scheme of HTML5
browsers, according to the ACID3 test ( ) , which is a measurement tool for testing a
browser's accordance to web standards. However, a score of 80 is still a really nice achievement in the game console
market, and it ranks as one of the highest HTML5-compliant browsers in the gaming category on at
the time of writing, as shown in Figure 13-4 .
Figure 13-4. 's ranking for gaming console browsers
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