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Up first are connected, or smart , TVs; they've been really blowing up on the scene this past year. These are television
sets that are connected to the Internet and can support applications and web browsers. Lately, if you're in the market
for a new television, you'll find your options will more than likely have some form of wired or wireless network access,
and you can expect to see many more televisons using this approach going forward. With much anticipation from
providers like Google and Apple to get into this space and disrupt the conventional television model of viewing, the
more traditional manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Sony have already begun implementing browsers and
their own apps into their television sets, but what's most interesting is that the browsers on these screens are scoring a
pretty high rank on the HTML5 Test ( ) . In fact, just take a look at Figure 13-1 showcasing some
of the top HTML5 television browsers at the time of this writing.
Figure 13-1. Showcases the television browsers that support HTML5 features
(source: )
After reviewing Figure 13-1 , you can see that these televisions are getting pretty high numbers for HTML5
compliance. There's also a lot of budding competition in this market, which is really untapped and pretty new to the
masses. It's reminiscent of the early days of mobile, and I believe we're not even at the beginning of what to expect
with television sets in the years to come, and that includes how web advertising is built, bought, sold, and deployed
to this screen in conjunction with the traditional advertising approaches. Connected TVs will eventually become the
norm among consumers, and with approximately 38 percent of users already working with these sort of TVs
( ) , it's
only a matter of time before content providers start selling ad inventory to marketers for premium prices. What's
really interesting is that most of these platforms are taking web standards and HTML5 into account out of the gate!
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