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blan­dit mas­sa, pel­len­tesque el­e­men­tum orci tem­pus sed.
Cur­a­bi­tur eget est neque, nec pel­len­tesque enim. Sed blan­dit
do­lor et neque tin­ci­dunt rutrum. Lo­rem ip­sum do­lor sit amet,
con­sec­te­tur ad­ipisc­ing elit. Nul­lam tin­ci­dunt do­lor
vel neque eleif­end frin­g­il­la. Prae­sent et orci nec jus­to
vulpu­tate ul­tri­c­ies ac in leo. In nec ip­sum enim. Donec sus­cip­it
plac­er­at ad­ipisc­ing. Nul­la a nunc mi. Sed ve­hic­u­la
sus­cip­it mag­na sed con­val­lis. Donec ul­trices con­se­quat
tor­tor, at fer­men­tum augue mal­esua­da in. Ut cur­sus, odio non
port­ti­tor var­i­us, dui neque luc­tus la­cus, in rhon­cus dui odio
eges­tas libe­ro. Mae­ce­nas po­s­u­ere con­sec­te­tur
lec&shy;tus, vi&shy;tae con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur lig&shy;u&shy;la con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur eu.</p>
<p>Lo&shy;rem ip&shy;sum do&shy;lor sit amet, con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur
ad&shy;ipisc&shy;ing elit. Vi&shy;va&shy;mus ac nul&shy;la ac nunc ves&shy;ti&shy;b&shy;u&shy;lum
sod&shy;ales sed eget pu&shy;rus. In&shy;te&shy;ger tris&shy;tique neque at urna eleif&shy;end
por&shy;ta. Mau&shy;ris a sa&shy;pi&shy;en augue, ve&shy;hic&shy;u&shy;la rutrum augue.
Sus&shy;pend&shy;isse pre&shy;tium pulvi&shy;nar tris&shy;tique. Nul&shy;la el&shy;e&shy;men&shy;tum
blan&shy;dit mas&shy;sa, pel&shy;len&shy;tesque el&shy;e&shy;men&shy;tum orci tem&shy;pus sed.
Cur&shy;a&shy;bi&shy;tur eget est neque, nec pel&shy;len&shy;tesque enim. Sed blan&shy;dit
do&shy;lor et neque tin&shy;ci&shy;dunt rutrum. Lo&shy;rem ip&shy;sum do&shy;lor sit amet,
con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur ad&shy;ipisc&shy;ing elit. Nul&shy;lam tin&shy;ci&shy;dunt do&shy;lor
vel neque eleif&shy;end frin&shy;g&shy;il&shy;la. Prae&shy;sent et orci nec jus&shy;to
vulpu&shy;tate ul&shy;tri&shy;c&shy;ies ac in leo. In nec ip&shy;sum enim. Donec sus&shy;cip&shy;it
plac&shy;er&shy;at ad&shy;ipisc&shy;ing. Nul&shy;la a nunc mi. Sed ve&shy;hic&shy;u&shy;la
sus&shy;cip&shy;it mag&shy;na sed con&shy;val&shy;lis. Donec ul&shy;trices con&shy;se&shy;quat
tor&shy;tor, at fer&shy;men&shy;tum augue mal&shy;esua&shy;da in. Ut cur&shy;sus, odio non
port&shy;ti&shy;tor var&shy;i&shy;us, dui neque luc&shy;tus la&shy;cus, in rhon&shy;cus dui odio
eges&shy;tas libe&shy;ro. Mae&shy;ce&shy;nas po&shy;s&shy;u&shy;ere con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur
lec&shy;tus, vi&shy;tae con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur lig&shy;u&shy;la con&shy;sec&shy;te&shy;tur eu.</p>
In Listing 12-2, you can see that nothing is out of the ordinary, with the exception of a few new CSS properties
called -webkit-wrap-shape-mode and -webkit-wrap-shape . The first one's job is to signal that the copy inside of div
container should be free flowing by using the value of content . The second is instructing the browser to wrap the
content around the exclusion (in this case, your ad), which is 300x250. By applying this exclusion, you get the result in
Figure 12-4 .
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