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Along with form validation, HTML5-compliant browsers also include native data types such as date, color,
e-mail, URL, and phone number form tags all with the necessary client-side validation, as you just learned in the
previous example. Let's take a look at working with each of them respectively. First up, date .
date is where the browser can include a calendar picker element for a user by default in the browser's UI.
Figure 11-6 showcases how the browser Chrome handles <input type="date"></input> .
Figure 11-6. How the Chrome browser handles the date input
Next is the color input. Using <input type="color"></input> , you can tell the browser to show a color wheel
for a user to select a hex value, as shown in Figure 11-7 . Please note that not all browsers handle each of these inputs.
Browsers will have their own visual differences for UI elements as well.
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