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Figure 9-2. One of the first rich iPad ads
The Lincoln ad was pretty groundbreaking when it comes to first-to-market and innovative tablet advertising. A
user's experience was to tap the static banner within the application, where they were taken to a full-screen immersive
environment with video, high-resolution images, and multiple layouts depending on the orientation of the device.
This experience paved the way for even more innovative ad experiences including gaming, interactivity, and live
polling. Soon advertisers learned that anything you can do on the desktop, you can pretty much bring to the mobile
and tablet environments as well.
With advertisers dipping into this medium more and more, it's anticipated that additional dollars will pump into
this market for years to come. In fact, eMarketer and Juniper Research state that the in-application advertising spend
will reach more than 7 billion dollars in 2015 (see Figure 9-3 ).
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