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Figure 8-6. The callout balloon on iOS
This feature happens by default when a user taps an image or URL and presses it for some length of time—the OS
will provide a list of menu items for the user to choose from. If this isn't a desired part of your ad experience, CSS can
remove that native callout window.
img, a {
-webkit-touch-callout: none;
In the preceding code, simply setting a Webkit property called touch-callout to none disables this OS callout feature.
Often, you want the user to be presented with a specific entry input instead of a traditional keyboard for text
entry. This could be useful for inputting numerical data—a phone number, a ZIP code—into your form. In order to
change these keyboard displays on your form inputs, specify the input-type attribute on your input tags. For example,
in Figure 8-7 I have the input field set to tel with a pattern of [0-9]* because I want the user to input a ZIP code. A bit
confusing, but it works, because there is no input type for a ZIP (at least, not yet), and all I'm concerned about are the
number entries for this specific input.
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