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Figure 7-13. WebVTT video subtitles
If you're not seeing this, make sure your browser supports WebVTT and the HTML5 video track element; if your
browser does not support either, I suggest using a great JavaScript polyfill called .
This could potentially be a huge advancement in dynamic video advertising going forward using web standards.
What's really exciting is if the WebVTT formats start to support some more CSS features, and even features of CSS3
including transforms and animations, you'll have the ability to do some very real dynamic insertions of content over
video. Until then, we'll have to wait and find out. For more information on the WebVTT specification, I encourage you
to visit , and if you're interested in understanding whether your WebVTT is valid,
you can bookmark the useful link .
i'll discuss other emerging htML5 video capabilities like Web Cam and Mic access in Chapter 12.
Video Measurement
As you are aware, a big portion of video is measurement for advertisers so they can see how their campaign worked
for them. They'll often want to know how well a video performed at the time a viewer watched it. Measurement also
includes such things as video starts, completions, quartiles, plays, pauses, replays, sounds on/off, and so on. Pretty
much any toggle, button, or switch a user operates, the ad server will report on it. The HTML5 Video API exposes all of
these video properties via JavaScript, so attaching events and tracking calls is straightforward. For more information
on all the video properties, visit .
In addition to the normal ad server reports, advertisers can also bake analytics engines into their video content and
video players to report on the quality of service (QOS) a video has in real time. Companies such as Akamai make use
of its Media Analytics tool, which is an API that can get bundled into video players so real-time technical analysis can
be performed on the video. This analysis can include highest bitrate served, bandwidth and network connections,
frames per second, and even playback frame rate. From these measurements, companies can dial into the media
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