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Figure 7-8. The current browser support for VP8/WebM videos (source: )
If you're interested in learning more about the WebM video container format, I suggest visiting Google's WebM
site at . Keep in mind that any video advertisements being served to users
of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera can rely on this format safely.
Users with the Vp8/WebM codec installed will be able to view the video on Safari and ie.
Lastly, there is the OGG video format. OGG is an open container format managed by the open source foundation
Xiph. OGG's container formats include OGG, OGV, and OGA, to name a few. Based on the video compression
algorithms of Theora and audio compression of Vorbis, OGG aims to create a truly open source video codec/wrapper
for anyone to use regardless of royalties or licensing rights. Much like the previous examples, Figure 7-9 outlines the
browser support for the OGG video format.
Figure 7-9. The current browser support for Theora/OGG videos (source: )
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