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Figure 7-4. Apple's encoding recommendations for iOS devices
This chart is incredibly important to keep an eye on when you deploy your video to mobile iOS devices. Because
just as the overall video landscape is fragmented among codecs, Apple's own devices require specific adjustments to
compensate for its older devices such as iPhone 3G, not to mention WiFi versus cell network connection. This only
bloats the time to develop video that deploys across screens and devices.
Keep in mind also that H.264 is not free software; it's owned and patented by many different companies,
including Microsoft, and it's managed by a consortium called MPEG-LA. Apple pays a license for every computer,
device, camera, and accessory that it produces that can encode and decode H.264 video. Think about this the next
time you purchase an Apple product, because a bit of what you're paying for is the ability to use the H.264 technology.
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