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Figure 1-2. How displays at 2,560 pixels on Apple iMac and at 1,024 pixels
on Apple iPad in landscape orientation
Dynamic adaptation for web sites is a breath of fresh air for any publisher's web site developers and designers.
It's a bit of a nightmare, however, for digital advertising folks, the reason being that at any time the display changes,
whether I'm scaling the window on my desktop or switching orientations between landscape and portrait on my
tablet, the ad inventory on that particular page can change or request another ad, possibly firing off duplicate
impressions if the ad is request happens more than once. This could result in removal of the 300 × 250 ad shown in
Figure 1-2 (“4 story high tides”). This also begs the question whether impressions need to adapt to the new layout as
well, doesn't? If the Boston Globe is in my media plan, how can I be sure that the smaller displays will reach my target
audience? This is an interesting question, one that the industry is having a tough time trying to standardize,
as it affects both visual ad layouts and reporting concerns.
My hope is that as mobile ad serving grows increasingly popular and becomes a prime focus in advertisers
media plans, ad-serving companies and publishers will develop a consistent way to adapt and tailor their ad views
for multiple screens and devices, regardless of the distribution channel. More than likely, this will take some time to
develop and even more time to be fully adopted, but a standard will eventually be born. Luckily, digital advertising
has an organization to help with these standards.
Not For more information on this topic, look at the section titled “responsive-ize it” at .
In the digital advertising space there is an established bureau to help the industry cure its headache and
fragmentation-related problems, whether they be mobile, display or even connected televisions. The Interactive
Advertising Bureau (IAB) provides standardization in ad sizes, specs, and metrics agreed on by many publishers,
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