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Fixing Windows default fi le extension settings
The default settings for Windows 7 (and earlier versions) is to hide fi le extensions. That will give your
fi les a cleaner appearance, but if you have to decide between selecting a graphic fi le with a .psd
extension or a .png extension, you need to see what the extension is. Here's what to do:
1. Open the Control Panel.
2. Choose Appearance and Personalization
Folder Options
Show Hidden Files and
3. Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types (see the fi gure).
Uncheck this box
Unchecking the Hide Extensions for Known File Types check box in Windows.
Now you'll be able to see all your fi le extensions. So, when you want to load a graphic fi le, you'll
know whether it's a .png , .jpg , or .gif fi le just by looking at the fi lename displayed on your
computer screen.
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