HTML and CSS Reference
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At the time of this writing, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was still in beta stage. According to
Microsot , its IE9 browser will be fully compliant with HTML5 standards. Where possible,
throughout this topic, I've included examples showing the IE9 at work with HTML5 Web
pages using the IE9 beta browser. Figure 1-10 shows the test page in the IE9 beta browser.
Figure 1-10: Internet Explorer 9.
As you've seen, Web pages can be viewed on a number of dif erent browsers and operating
systems. Web developers need to consider the characteristics of the devices that their pages
are to be viewed on, such as a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Suppose you develop for
an iPhone and iPad (or some other mobile device and tablet); if you can preview your work
side by side, you're better able to make comparisons. Adobe Dreamweaver, a Web page
development tool, allows the developer to view multiple dimensions simultaneously, as shown
in Figure 1-11.
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