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$comments .= \r\r\r\n From-> $name : Send reply to: $email ;
mail ( $eBiz , $subject , $comments );
echo “Your e-mail has been sent to $eBiz . Thank you for your interest in Wazoo Web
Site Design and Development.” ;
In looking at the PHP code, you can see it doesn't take much. First, the four chunks of data
from the HTML5 page are passed to four PHP variables:
Next, the $comments variable is concatenated with information about the sender's name and
e-mail address. h en, using the mail() function, the program uses the following line to send
everything to the Web site owner:
mail ( $eBiz , $subject , $comments );
Finally, a simple message is sent to the user who sent the e-mail. Figure 16-6 shows the e-mail
received by Wazoo Web Site Design and Development.
Figure 16-6: E-mail generated by PHP code and HTML5.
By having an automatic e-mail page on your site, you (or your clients) can generate far more
business. h e key to using some kind of Web-generated e-mail is to make it easy for the user
to send an e-mail and generate more business for the site.
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