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Figure 16-3: Data entry and data output.
Second, the JavaScript routine in the <head> of the page triggers an alert message:
SendMaster = new Object ();
SendMaster.eLert = function ()
alert ( “Oops! Seems to be a little boo-boo in the e-mail format.” );
You might want to note two important features about the coding:
It uses onInvalid instead of onError . h e onError event handler is so commonly
used for any kind of error that you might assume it would work here as well, but only
onInvalid works in this case.
h e error-catching routine is in the <input> e-mail instead of the <input> submit
tag. Because the error occurs on clicking the Submit button, it would seem that the error
handling would be in the Submit button tag, but it's not. Figure 16-4 shows the error
message and the error that caused it — note the hand cursor on the sent (Submit) button.
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