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Figure 15-3: A 3-D view of the map area with the Google Earth browser plug-in.
All storage is done in key/value pairs. h e key is an identii er for a given value. (h e key is
something like a variable with a label and an assigned value.) h e next two sections explain
how to work with session and local storage. Global and database storage are less universally
implemented at this time, so I'm setting them aside.
Session storage allows users to store data for a single Web page as long as that Web page is
being viewed. As soon as the user leaves the page, all stored data is lost. For interactive games,
calculators, and any other kind of page that needs temporary storage while the page is viewed,
you can use session storage.
To get started, you'll need to take look at the setters and getters of session storage. Here's the
basic format for setting (storing) a value:
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