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When you test this Web page, try it i rst using the latest Firefox browser. h en try it out with
Google Chrome and Opera. With Safari, which recognizes the geolocation object, I was
unable to load the map into the iframe . Ironically, when tested on the mobile Safari browser
on an iPhone, it worked i ne. (More about that in a second.) Figure 15-1 shows the program
on all browsers except Safari and Internet Explorer running on Windows 7.
Figure 15-1: Geolocation used to fi nd longitude and latitude for Google Maps.
Figure 15-1 shows the Web page loaded with the map in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. You can
drag the map around the iframe with the mouse and on Safari and Perfect browsers on an
iPhone, with your i ngers. However, on the mobile browsers, the iframe and image were
extended by dragging downward.
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