HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Table 1.2
Continued Tags
Subscripted text
Superscripted text
A table defi nition
Demarcation for a block of rows for a table's body
A table cell
A text area container
Representation for a block of rows of column summaries for a table
Table header format
Representation of a block of rows of column summaries for a table header
The document title
Demarcation of a table row
An unordered list (a bullet list)
Variable style in formula
Most of the elements with the same names from HTML4 are the same in every way in
HTML5, but some have slightly modii ed meanings. Also, rules for some tags have changed.
For example, in creating tables, the tag for specifying a row <tr> no longer requires a closing
</tr> tag. Some attributes for elements have changed as well. As you continue to learn about
the new features of HTML5, you'll i nd that many of the “old” elements have lots of new
characteristics. h e following HTML table script provides a new example with old elements.
Enter this text into your text editor, save it as NewOldTable.html , and open it in an Opera
< html >
< head >
< meta http-equiv = ”Content-Type” content = ”text/html; charset=UTF-8” >
< title > Table </ title >
</ head >
< body >
< table >
< caption >
=Element Types=
</ caption >
< thead >
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