HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Continued Tags
Container for an HTML document
Italic text
Frame an inline sub window
Image container
User-input fi eld within a form container
Container for inserted text within implied paragraph boundaries
Container for user keyboard input
Representation of a caption in a user interface
Title in a fi eldset border
List item indicator
A resource reference (for example, CSS)
Image map container
Text in one context marked for text in different context
Container for a list of commands
Container for meta information
Container for embedded object (for example, a SWF fi le)
A numbered (ordered) list
An option grouping header in an options list
Container for individual options in a drop-down list
A paragraph block
Plug-in parameters
Preformatted text format
Enclosed text with quotation marks
Computer code output or snippet
Container for script for CSS, JavaScript, or another recognized script
A selectable list
Small text
Inline section in a document
Strong text that looks like bold
Container for a style defi nition
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