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JAVASCRIPT IS A Web programming language
that you can use with HTML5. It can be used to
access certain parts of your Web pages written in
HTML5 and do other things that simply cannot
be done without JavaScript. h is chapter intro-
duces some basic features that are going to be
used specii cally with HTML5 elements.
language on dif erent browsers. Because JavaScript
meets an ECMAScript standard (ECMA-262),
these dif erences are slight, and what I'll be
discussing in this chapter are only those aspects
of JavaScript that you can use with HTML5.
Finally, JavaScript and Java have nothing in
common — JavaScript is not based on an
interpreted version of Java. h ey could be named
dogs and cats or apples and oranges for all they
have in common. h e name with java in it
sounded better. So, if you want to look up
something on the Web about JavaScript, you
won't be helped if you just look for Java .
JavaScript is considered a scripting language
because it's interpreted by the browser at runtime
(when you actually open a Web page) rather than
compiled and stored on your computer as a binary
i le. Slightly dif erent versions of JavaScript can
creep in with dif erent implementations of the
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