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A new generation of small HD camcorders have been introduced that are fully portable
and save video in a solid state format. For example, the Flip Mino HD with dimensions of
3.94" x 1.97' x 0.63" (H x W x D) is smaller than many mobile phones. Figure 11-6 shows a
typical Flip with a company logo embedded in the camera.
Figure 11-6: Small high-defi nition camcorders are adapted for the Web.
Besides Flip, HD video cameras also are available from Kodak, in the form of the Kodak
Pocket Video camcorder. Both the Flip and Kodak camcorders are solid state recorders, so no
digital video tapes or removable l ash memory cards are required — just as none is required
for mobile phones. h e small camcorders come packaged with limited video-editing sot ware
and save video in H.264 format on both Windows and Macintosh computers.
h e quality of the video is as high as much larger and more expensive camcorders, and they're
far more portable. h ey were designed from the ground up for use in creating videos for
social-networking sites like Facebook and YouTube; as a result, their native output i les are
custom-ordered for displaying with HTML5 video elements.
h e term standard here refers to handheld camcorders with such features as zoom lenses,
mini DV tape cassette storage, l ash memory cards, and other features that can be placed on
larger platforms. h e gamut of camcorders has widened to the point where the range is from
inexpensive ones used for personal family recordings all the way to those used by independ-
ent i lmmakers.
Like the (really) small camcorders the standard ones come with USB or IEEE 1394 Firewire
connectors. h e connectors can them be fed directly into video-editing sot ware like Adobe
Premier, Apple Final Cut, or Vegas. h e edited video can then be saved to a format that can be
used by HTML5 browsers.
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