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future, it may prove to be a more important format than it currently is. More information
about WebM can be found at the WebM Project site at .
One conversion program that was tested and for WebM was the Miro Video Converter. It's
simple to use and provides many conversion options — not just to and from WebM. Figure
11-3 shows the Miro Video Converter converting an MP4 into a WebM i le.
Figure 11-3: Converting fi les using Miro Video Converter.
h e Miro Video Converter is available free of charge at .
h e conversion process involves dragging or loading the i le to be converted to a central
window and then clicking a Convert button. It's very simple and adaptive.
For .ogv i les, select h eora from the menu and then click the Convert button. h e resulting
i le has the extension .theora.ogv , but by removing the .theora , you can run it i ne with
just the .ogv extension. In converting from an .mp4 i le to the .ogv i le, the i le size was
reduced from 54MB to 11MB — a i vefold reduction.
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