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To make a recording, click the red Record button. If you want to pause to gather your thoughts,
click the Pause button. Once you're i nished, click the Stop button and select File from the
menu bar. If you choose Save or Save As, you can save the i le for HTML5 browsers in .wav
format. However, if you select Export with QuickTime, the i le will be in .mp3 audio format.
So, using Sound Studio on the Mac, you can generate two of the three HTML5 formats
available to store your audio recordings.
h e range of sound ef ects available on the Web either free or for a price should get you started
on just about any sound ef ect you could want. h e best place to start is at FlashKit ( www. ). Even though the site is dedicated to Flash, it has over 7,000 (and
growing) free, public-domain sound ef ects from which to choose. What's more, you can
download them in either .wav or .mp3 format, so they're already set to be used in an HTML5
Web page. If you search the Web, you can i nd virtually any sound ef ect you want.
If you want to record your own sound ef ects, you can use simple household noises and the
sound recording applications on your computer. For example, a dog barking, an airplane l ying
overhead, or just about any other sound you can hear, you can record. (Be careful with
copyrighted music, though!)
A subtle yet ef ective interactive sound can be used to add an audio component to page
transitions. In a tactile world of buttons, switches and doorknobs, our actions ot en evoke
sounds. You can make your Web links do the same thing. Use the following steps to create a
simple transition:
1. Navigate to .
2. Select Sound FX from the home page menu.
3. Select Interfaces > Clicks from the Interfaces Categories.
4. Select a click sound that you like.
If you'd rather, choose a Zoop, Zang or Zing — just be sure it's short in duration.
5. Download both .wav and .mp3 versions.
6. Rename one i le click.wav and the other click.mp3 .
7. Place the . mp3 and .wav i les in a folder.
Now, in the same folder where you placed the sound i les, place the following two pages
( TransitionSound.html and SoundOpen.html in this chapter's folder at www. ).
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