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Macs come bundled with a program called Sound Studio. Macs also have built-in microphones
as well, or you can use an external microphone if you have the correct drivers installed. You
can select an external microphone (including ones built into any attached cameras) either
from System Preferences > Sound > Input or from Sound Studio. While you're choosing the
Input device, any noise will appear in an Input level graphic, so be sure to speak while making
the settings so that you can get an idea of the sound level.
To open Sound Studio, select Go > Applications > Sound Studio (folder) > Sound
from the Finder. When Sound Studio opens, you'll see a timeline and an Input Levels window,
as shown in Figure 10-4.
Figure 10-4: Sound Studio timelines and the Input Levels window.
Converting fi les
If you'll be using audio for general audiences, you're going to need either
A sound editor that saves audio fi les as .wav fi les and either .mp3 or .ogg .
A conversion program. A simple search on the Web will reveal several. For example, if you're
using the Windows 7 Sound Recorder, you'll need a program to convert from .wma format
to .mp3 , .wav , or .ogg . Generally, the process is quite simple for either Mac or Windows
A variety of conversion products are available, but several for Windows 7 can be found at http:// . On the Mac, I tested Switch
Sound File Converter (
2140_4-10703967.html ) and found it to be easy to use; it converted typical Mac sound fi le types
(like .aiff fi les) to sound fi les recognized by the HTML5 browsers. Do a Web search and you'll fi nd
far more converters for both Windows and Macs.
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