HTML and CSS Reference
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4. Using HTML5 and CSS3, create a Web page with three rows. On the let side place the
highest-quality images, and on the right place the lowest quality.
5. Between all the images, place i ll text of your choice.
h is is a good time to look up lorem ipsum on the Web. Figure 9-17 shows the general
Figure 9-17: Displaying the different types and qualities of graphics in text.
h is exercise has two purposes:
To provide you with an exercise in placing text — work with CSS3 from this chapter and
previous chapters. Using the align attribute in the <img> tag has serious limitations.
To drive home the idea that all changes to images must be done using sot ware that changes
the characteristics of an image before you put your Web page together.
For those who want to do more with vector graphics, try out the Adobe Illustrator CS5
HTML5 Pack. If you do not have Adobe Illustrator CS5, you can download a 30-day trial free.
Try creating variables out of dif erent parts of an AI design using multiple layers with names
that become the ID name of the parameter you'll change.
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