HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
ONE OFTHE most exciting features of HTML5
is the ability to use Scalable Vector Graphics
( .svg ) i les. Artists who use programs like
Adobe Illustrator that create vector graphics can
save their i les as .svg i les and put them right
into their Web pages. Because .svg i les contain
vector graphics, images can be made larger or
smaller without losing their resolution as
bitmapped graphics do. However, you still can
use your favorite bitmapped graphics in .jpg ,
.gif , or .png format for static display.
likely to be used, how to place them where you
want on your Web page, and how to optimize
them for Web use. Much of this chapter, out of
necessity, must use graphic applications that
you may not have. h ese applications include
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe
Fireworks. However, you can substitute other
applications you may own, such as Microsot
Paint or Corel Draw. Finally, for drawn graphics
and photographs, you're going to have to rely on
your own skills, both in terms of artistic abilities
and ability to use graphic drawing programs. (In
a pinch, you can download public-domain image
i les from the Web in the i le type you need.)
h is chapter seeks to clarify using graphics on the
Web in terms of the main types of images that are
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