HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
< li > Drop - down menus </ li >
< li > Button links </ li >
< li > Datalist links </ li >
< li > Iframe navigation </ li >
< li > Navigation styling </ li >
</ ul >
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the top of the page .</ section >
</ body >
</ html >
When you run this program, you can see that although it provides a wide variety of user
choices, it's clear. h e global navigation along the top provides all the main choices. h en on
each page within a global collection, users are able to select choices specii c to the selected
topic. Figure 8-7 shows what you can expect to see when you test the program in an HTML5
browser on a computer screen.
Figure 8-7: Providing horizontal and vertical navigation choices.
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