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Figure 7-6 shows your screen when you test the program on your computer and click the link.
Depending on your browser's setting, your new page may appear in a new tab instead of a
separate window. You can drag the tab to create a separate window so that both pages can be
viewed simultaneously.
Figure 7-6: Opening a new window on a computer screen.
New browsing contexts in mobile browsers
When a Web page uses a _blank browser context in a mobile device, you do not have the
ability to see multiple pages in a single viewing window. Instead, the calling page is treated as
a previous page (Opera Mini) that can be accessed by pressing a back arrow or some other
method. h e Safari browser for the iPhone has a pages icon in the lower-right corner that
shows the number of currently loaded pages. When the user taps the pages icon, up to eight
pages can be viewed in a window where the user can slide them to view them sequentially.
Figure 7-7 shows the pages context in a Safari browser on an iPhone.
If the page is opened using a _blank browsing context in the mobile Safari browser, it does
not have a back link as in the Opera Mini browser; however, it's opened in a new browser
window alongside the calling page.
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