HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 7-5: Using IDs for anchors.
From within the same directory, you would write:
< a href = ”AnchorsID.html#cats” >
In Chapter 8, you'll see how to use IDs and anchors in planning a navigation design strategy.
Up to this point, all the links have been ones that replace the calling page with a new page to
be loaded in your browser window. However, you can use the target attribute with the <a>
tag to assign dif erent ways for a page to appear — known as the browsing context. You may
select from the following browsing contexts using target :
_self replaces the current page; default if no context is assigned.
_blank opens the new page in a new browser window — a new browsing context.
_parent opens the new page in the “parent” document of the current page. h e parent
document is typically the browser windows that caused the current page to open.
_top opens the new page in the full body of the current browser window.
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