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< footer >
< nav >< a href = ”” rel = author > Bill Sanders </ a ></ nav >
</ footer >
</ section >
</ article >
</ body >
</ html >
In creating the author e-mail link, the a element is styled to get rid of the underline — the
default style for links — and replaces it with a small but noticeable color. To some extent, the
entire page draws focus to the link, as you can see in Figure 7-4.
When cursor is placed over link to author's e-mail...
... a message appears in the lower-right corner.
Figure 7-4: Using the author e-mail link.
h e cite element can be confused with the author value assigned to the rel attribute in
an a element. First, cite is an independent element, and second, it italicizes the content in a
cite container. For example, the following snippet shows how both keywords are used in the
same paragraph:
< p > Most of the quotes can be found in the works of < a href = ””
rel = ”author” > William Shakespeare </ a >, especially the famous reference topic ,
< cite > Camford's Complete Works of the Bard </ cite > . </ p >
h e text in that code generates:
Most of the quotes can be found in the works of William Shakespeare, especially the
famous reference topic, Camford's Complete Works of the Bard.
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