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Arhat Buddhist saint.
Bei North.
Binguan Hotel; generally a large one, for tourists.
Bodhisattva A follower of Buddhism who has attained enlightenment, but has chosen to stay on earth to teach rather
than enter nirvana; Buddhist god or goddess.
Boxers The name given to an anti-foreign organization that originated in Shandong in 1898. Encouraged by the Qing
Empress Dowager Cixi, they roamed China attacking westernized Chinese and foreigners in what became known as
the Boxer movement.
Canting Restaurant.
Cheongsam Another word for a qipao.
CITS China International Travel Service. Tourist organization primarily interested in selling tours , though they can
help with obtaining train tickets.
CulturalRevolution Ten-year period beginning in 1966 and characterized by destruction, persecution and fanatical
devotion to Mao.
Dagoba Another name for a stupa.
Dong East.
Fandian Restaurant or hotel.
Fen Smallest denomination of Chinese currency - there are one hundred fen to the yuan.
Feng Peak.
Feng shui A system of geomancy used to determine the positioning of buildings.
Gong Palace.
Guanxi Literally “connections”: the reciprocal favours inherent in the process of official appointments and transac-
Guanyin The ubiquitous Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, who postponed her entry into paradise in order to help ease
human misery. Derived from the Indian deity Avalokiteshvara, she is often depicted with up to a thousand arms.
Gulou Drum tower; traditionally marking the centre of a town, this was where a drum was beaten at nightfall and in
times of need.
Guomindang (GMD) The Nationalist Peoples' Party. Under Chiang Kaishek, the GMD fought Communist forces
for 25 years before being defeated and moving to Taiwan in 1949, where it remains a major political party.
Han Chinese The main body of the Chinese people, as distinct from other ethnic groups such as Uigur, Miao, Hui
or Tibetan.
Hui Muslims; officially a minority, China's Hui are, in fact, ethnically indistinguishable from Han Chinese.
Hutong A narrow alleyway.
Immortal Taoist saint.
Jiao (or mao) Ten fen.
Jie Street.
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