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Sanlitun Soho 三里屯 SOHO, sānlĭtún SOHO Gongren Tiychang Beilu sanlitun- ; Tuanjiehu subway (line 10); map . You probably won't be coming here
for the shops, but this mix of office space and shops constitutes some of the most adventurous
architecture in the city, its black-and-white striped towers rising up like giant barcodes. Daily
TaiKooLi 太古里 , tàigŭlĭ Off Sanlitun Lu ; Tuanjiehu subway
(line 10); map . Some of Beijing's malls are beautiful constructions, and others are merely ex-
cellent places to shop. These twin malls, however, are the most successful effort so far, with
their best-of-both-worlds mix of elegant dining and high-end consumerism. The north mall
is a little bit snobby, but its southern counterpart is a favourite strolling and dating spot with
young Beijingers. Mall open 24hr; shop times vary.
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Jewellery is a good buy in Beijing, and often much cheaper than at home. Handmade pieces
by minorities such as the Miao and Tibetans are perennially popular with foreigners, and are
currently trendy with the Chinese.
D-SATA Unit A116, Nali Patio 81 Sanlitun Beilu 010 64156802, ; Tuanjiehu
subway (line 10); map . Stylish, quirky fashion bags and jewellery made from recycled ma-
terials (such as snakeskin that's been discarded from restaurants). Daily 1-9pm.
Dragon House 龙家 , lóngjiā East side of Yashow Market 010 64132929; Tuanjiehu sub-
way (line 10); map . Lovely silver and gold jewellery in Chinese and Western styles. Daily
Hongqiao Department Store 红桥百货中心 , hóngqiáo bǎihuò zhōngxīn 52 Tiantan Don-
glu; Tiantandongmen subway (line 5); map . This giant mall remains hugely popular with for-
eigners owing to its location by the east gate of the Temple of Heaven, though it's not terribly
interesting. The top floors function as a pearl and jewellery market. Daily 9am-8pm.
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Beijing is well stocked with supermarkets, especially useful if you want to get a picnic, or
have self-catering facilities. All sell plenty of Western food alongside all the Chinese, though
few have a decent range of dairy products. Most new malls also have supermarkets in their
Carrefour Guangqumen Neidajie ; Ciqikou subway (line 5); map . The
most conveniently located Beijing outpost of the French hypermarket empire; like the others,
it's a decent hunting ground for bicycles, wines, cheese, nappies and much more. Daily
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