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Foreign Language Bookstore 外文书店 , wàiwén shūdiàn 235 Wangfujing Dajie 010
65126911, ; Wangfujing (line 1) or Dengshikou subway (line 5); map . This
store has the biggest selection of foreign-language books in mainland China. The English
books on offer downstairs include fiction, textbooks on Chinese medicine and translations
of Chinese classics. The upper floors, too, have more fiction in English, magazines, wall
hangings, and Japanese manga . Sometimes, the same book is cheaper upstairs than down-
stairs. Daily 8am-5pm.
Page One 叶壹堂 , xiéyītáng Tai Koo Li (south mall), Sanlitun Lu 010 64176626;
Tuanjiehu subway (line 10); map . Wonderful new bookstore, with a wide selection of English-
language books, including travel guides, novels and artsy stuff. Daily 10am-10pm.
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Created mainly in Xinjiang, Tibet and Tianjin, the beautiful handmade carpets on sale in
Beijing aren't cheap, but are nevertheless pretty good value. Tibetan carpets are yellow and
orange and usually have figurative mythological or religious motifs; rugs from Xinjiang in
the northwest are red and pink with abstract patterns, while weaves from Tianjin are multi-
coloured. Check the colour for consistency at both ends - sometimes, large carpets are hung
up near a hot lamp, which causes fading. As well as the places reviewed here, you can get
carpets at the Friendship Store (bargain hard here), Yuanlong Silk Corporation and on Liu-
Khawachen Tibetan Rugs 客瓦坚西藏手工地毯 , kèwǎjiān xīzàng shǒugōng dìtǎn 3-2FA,
Solana Shopping Park, Chaoyang Park 010 59056311; Liangmaqiao subway (line 10);
map . Handmade Tibetan rugs from about 2000, plus custom designs produced to order.
Daily 10am-10pm.
Qianmen Carpet Company 前门地毯厂 , qiánmén dìtǎnchǎng 59 Xingfu Jie, just north of
the Tiantan hotel 010 67151687; Tiantandongmen subway (line 5); map . A converted air-
raid shelter selling carpets mostly from Xinjiang and Tibet; the silk carpets from Henan in
central China are very popular. A typical 2m by 3m carpet can cost around 50,000, though
the cheapest rugs start at around 2000. Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm.
Zhaojia Chaowai Market 兆佳朝外市场 , zhàojiā cháowài shìchǎng Off 3rd East Ring
Road; north of Panjiayuan subway (line 10); map . Some carpets and enormous quantities of
reproduction traditional Chinese furniture in all sizes and styles - for those whose lives lack
lacquer. Daily 10am-5.30pm.
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