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Forbidden City Concert Hall 北京中山公园音乐堂 , běijīng zhōngshāngōngyuán yīny-
uètáng Zhong-shan Park, Xichang'an Jie 010 65598285, ; Tian'anmen West
subway (line 1). A stylish hall, with regular performances of Western and Chinese classical
music and occasionally jazz too. Tickets from 80.
National Centre for the Performing Arts 国家大剧院 , guójiā dàjùyuàn 2 Xichang'an
Jie 010 66550000, ; Tian'anmen West subway (line 1). The giant egg-shaped
structure just west of Tian'anmen Square hosts the best international performances in its huge
concert hall. Note that you can't bring a camera.
Poly Theatre 保利大厦国际剧场 , bǎolìdàshà guójì jùchǎng Poly Plaza, 14 Dongzhimen
Nandajie 010 65001188; Donsishitiao subway (line 2). A gleaming hall that presents di-
verse performances of jazz, ballet, classical music, opera and modern dance for the edifica-
tion of Beijing's cultural elite. Daily 7.30, from 180.
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There are plenty of cinemas showing Chinese and dubbed Western films, usually action
movies. The government picks just twenty Western films for release every year, and when
they're too popular, they get pulled: Avatar disappeared from Chinese screens to give home-
grown borefest Confucius a chance, for example. Despite such restrictions, these days most
Beijingers have an impressive knowledge of world cinema, thanks both to the prevalence of
cheap, pirated DVDs and, of course, the internet. Beijing's biggest cinemas tend to show both
mainstream Chinese and foreign films with tickets around 80. There are usually two show-
ings of foreign movies, one dubbed into Chinese, the other subtitled; ring to check.
EastGateCinema 东环影城 , dōnghuán yĭngchéng B1 Building B, East Gate Plaza, 9 Dong-
zhong Jie 010 64185930; Dongsishitiao (line 2) or Dongzhimen subway (lines 2 & 13).
Small and a little ragged, which makes this a good choice if you don't fancy the whole mulit-
plex experience.
Megabox 美嘉欢乐影城 , mĕijiāhuānlè yĭngchéng Tai Koo Li 010 64176118, imega- ; Tuanjiehu subway (line 10). Beijing's most reliable option for international, non-
dubbed films.
Star City 新世纪影城 , xīnshìjì yĭngchéng B1 Oriental Plaza Mall, 1 Dongchang'an Jie
010 85186778; Wangfujing subway (line 1). Another biggie, located in the highly present-
able Oriental Plaza Mall.
Wanda Cineplex 万达电影 , wàndá diànyĭng 3F Building 8, Wanda Plaza, 93 Jianguo Lu
010 59603399, ; Guomao subway (lines 1 & 10). Big, comfortable cinema
that usually has at least one international film going.
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