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18Garden 十八茶院 , shíbā cháyuàn 18 Banchang Hutong 010 64060918; Nanluoguxiang
subway (line 6); map . Within easy walking distance of Nanluogu Xiang, this is an understated
but truly beautiful courtyard venue, with mint-coloured bead curtains hanging from every
ledge. The food is a seemingly unwieldy fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine ( 50-80),
though it's all done very well indeed. They also serve a large range of tea and Japanese alco-
hol. Daily 11am-7pm.
Café Sambal 桑芭 , sāngbā 43 Doufuchi Hutong 010 64004875, ; Gu-
loudajie subway (lines 2 & 8); map . Authentic Malay food in a laidback courtyard restaurant,
tucked away inside a hutong and actually quite easy to miss. There are a variety of places to
sit, from the bar-like room by the entrance to the floor-cushions abutting the courtyard; dishes
start at 45, with the house chicken and tofu particularly recommended. Daily 10am-11pm.
Dali Courtyard 大理院子 , dàlǐ yuànzi 67 Xiaojingchang Hutong 010 84041430; Beixin-
qiao subway (line 5); map . A charming courtyard restaurant tucked down a hutong . It has no
menu - you simply turn up, pay the fixed price ( 128, or 200 for a few extra dishes), then
the chef gives you whatever Yunnanese food he feels like cooking; dishes are generally rice-
based, and all sets will have a fish dish. Call to reserve. Daily noon-2.30pm & 6-10.30pm.
Drum and Gong 锣鼓洞天 , luógǔ dòngtiān 104 Nanluogu Xiang 010 84024729; Nan-
luoguxiang subway (line 6); map . One of the more reliable options on Nanluogu Xiang, this
busy place serves big portions of cheap Sichuan and home-style food. Most dishes are in the
20-45 range. Daily 10am-midnight.
HutongPizza 胡同批萨 , hútóng pīsà 9 Yindingqiao Hutong 010 83228916; Beihai North
subway (line 6); map . A charming little courtyard restaurant serving up delicious pizzas,
though at over 100 each they're a bit pricey. It's hidden away in an alley; follow the signs
from the bridge over the lakes. Daily 11am-11pm.
Kaorouji 烤肉季 , kǎoròujì 14 Qianhai Dongyuan 010 64045921; Beihai North or Nan-
luoguxiang subway (both line 6); map . This lakeside Muslim restaurant, run by the same fam-
ily for 150 years, takes advantage of its location with big windows and, in summer, balcony
tables. The beef and barbecued lamb dishes are recommended. You'll spend around 100 a
head. Daily 11am-2pm & 5-11pm.
Nuage 庆云楼 , qìngyún lóu 22 Qianhai Dongzhao 010 64019581, ; Bei-
hai North or Nanluoguxiang subway (both line 6); map . Decent Vietnamese food served in
a smart upstairs bar-restaurant. Try the steamed garlic prawns and battered squid, and finish
with super-strong Vietnamese coffee if you don't intend to sleep in the near future. You'll
spend upwards of 100 per head. Don't miss the extraordinary tropical fantasy toilets. Daily
11am-2pm & 5.30-10.30pm.
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