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ern boutique hotel has a great gimmick - at night every window is lit up a different colour. If
that seems a bit nightclubby, the impression is only reinforced by the sharp lines and subdued
lighting in the lobby; rooms though, are cosy, with big, soft beds, and service standards are
very high. Aimed at a hip y oung crowd who like to party in nearby Sanlitun. Look at their
site for special offers. 1100
Ibis 宜必思酒店 , yíbìsī jiŭdiàn 30 Nansanlitun Lu 010 65088100, ;
Dongdaqiao (line 6) or Hujialou subway (lines 6 & 10); map . One of the only reliable cheap
options in this expensive part of town. Rooms are surprisingly large and attra ctive for the
price, and the bars and restaurants of Sanlitun are only 10min up the road. 420
Opposite House 瑜舍 , yúshè 11 Sanlitun Lu 010 64176688, ;
Tuanjiehu subway (line 10); map . This trendy hotel is filled with modern Chinese art; if you
think that you've walked into a gallery you'd be half right, since they've connections with
UCCA in the 798 Art District . Rooms offer minimalist chic with no stinting on comfort; bath-
rooms have oakwood tubs and waterfall showers. It's just around the corner from Sanlitun,
so there's no shortage of restaurants and nightlife in the area. There's no sign on the outside
- look for the green building next to the 3.3 mall. 2560
Yoyo 优优客酒店 , yōuyōu kèjiŭdiàn 10 Sanlitun Zhongjie 010 64173388, yoyo- ; Tuanjiehu subway (line 10); map . A little boutique-style hotel whose sleek, honey-
coloured rooms are surprisingly attractive - they may be miniscule, but considering the loca-
tion you won't do any better for the price. Do note that in some rooms the showering facilities
are visible from the beds - check before you pay if this isn't your thing. It's lo cated just a
hop, skip and jump from Sanlitun on a quiet alley, due east of the 3.3 mall. 320
Jianguo 建国饭店 , jiànguó fàndiàn 5 Jianguomenwai Dajie 010 65002233, hoteljian- ; Yong'anli subway (line 1); map . Popular, thanks to its convenient (if hardly atmo-
spheric) location just down the road from the Silk Market , this old stalwart has rooms of
varying quality - ask to stay on the newly renovated executive floor or on a lower floor with
a view of the garden. The restaurant, Justine's , has pretty good French food, and there are
plenty of other drinking and dining options outsid e. Many walk-in rates only include break-
fast for one; book online for the best deals. 1235
Park Hyatt 柏悦酒店 , bóyuè jiŭdiàn 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie 010 85671234, ; Guomao subway (lines 1 & 10); map . One of the most architecturally
masterful hotels in the city, set on the 37th to 60th floors of an almost toy-like block that's
illuminated rather beautifully at night. Rooms here offer all the pared-down luxury you'd ex-
pect of the chain, and there are stupendous views from all sides. There's a great bar and res-
taurant up top, an excellent gym and Xiu bar down below. 3600
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