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West along Xichang'an Jie
From Tian'anmen, traffic fires along Xichang'an Jie , a gigantic thoroughfare which mutely
morphs through several different names on its way out west. Close to Tian'anmen is the hec-
tic Xidan ( 西单 , xīdān) shopping district; though it has few sights, it does boast a few points
of interest to travellers among the mammoth malls. The area's main sights are, indeed, a fair
way west, clustered around the Muxidi and Military Museum subway stations (both on line
1). Of greatest interest are the Capital Museum and Baiyun Guan Taoist temple, which are
within easy walking distance of each other; in between the two runs a small stream, whose
banks are a favourite with local fishermen. It's quite possible to walk along (and, in some
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