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National Art Museum of China
中国美术馆 , zhōngguó měishùguǎn • 1 Wusi Dajie • Daily 9am-5pm • Free (bring ID); occasional charges for
special exhibitions • 010 84033500, • Dongsi subway (lines 5 & 6)
Once regarded as a stuffy academy, the grand National Art Museum of China now em-
braces modern trends such as installation and video art. There's no permanent display and it
usually holds a couple of shows at once; past subjects have included women and minority
peoples, and there's even been a show of Socialist Realist propaganda - put up not to inspire
renewed zeal but as a way to reconsider past follies.
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Yonghe Gong and around
The most famous and ornate of Beijing's many temples, YongheGong is a delight to behold
- it's quite possible to spend hours admiring the rich decoration of the complex. Just over the
road, the Kong Miao , or Confucius Temple, is as restrained as the Yonghe Gong is gaudy,
and a wonderfully relaxed place to visit - hit both and choose your favourite. Lastly, just to
the north is Ditan Park , a great place for strolling, and historically significant to boot.
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