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If you want to buy fonts outright and host them yourself, there are a number
of different shops to visit, but the ones I'd recommend are:
The three best options for commercial-hosted font services at the time of this
writing are
Typekit ( Started off as an independent company by
some very clever folks in the United States and recently acquired by Adobe.
Fontdeck ( Created by designers in the UK.
WebType ( Another quality font service set up in col-
laboration between a number of type experts.
All the hosted font services work in roughly the same way: You sign up for the
service, specify which domain(s) you want the fonts used on, paste some custom
JavaScript and/or CSS into the <head> of the pages you want the fonts used on, and
then choose the fonts you want to use on the web interface of the service.
Yo u ' l l t h e n b e g i v e n a l l t h e C S S y o u n e e d ; t h e y a r e v e r y e a s y t o u s e . A n o t h e r
useful feature of all three is that you are free to test them to a certain degree. Font-
deck gives you full access to all font services free of charge, but only the first 20
IP addresses that access your sites will see your fonts. Typekit allows you to use a
limited set of its fonts on one website with limited page views. WebType gives you
a 30-day free trial with each font.
When you start using these services, the benefits become very clear: You have
access to high-quality fonts with full glyph sets and multiple weights and variants.
For example, you can make proper use of the following and more:
font-weight: 200;
font-weight: 300;
font-weight: light;
font-weight: black;
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