HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Before starting any creative work with
CSS3, you should build up a rock-solid
markup template to structure your data in and provide
mechanisms to allow your content and layout to work in
older browsers to an acceptable degree. Recall the discussion of
progressive enhancement in the previous chapter.
Yo u r r e s u l t i n g t of of l s e t w i l l b e a k i n t of a c of c k r of a c h — t h e s of r t of f
creature that could survive an ice age or a nuclear war.
In the interests of adopting e cient modern markup and future
proofing your work, HTML5 should be your markup language of
choice. In this chapter you'll explore the main features of HTML5
to ensure that you are up to speed. You'll also learn about the
different mechanisms you'll use for enabling HTML5 and CSS3
support across older browsers.
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