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Finally, let's look at the CSS Generated Content for Paged Media (GCPM) mod-
ule ( This module is currently supported only by the
experimental “Opera Reader” technology, but it is lots of fun to play with. You
can set your whole web page (or a small part of it) to be paginated using rulesets
defined in a special paged at-rule:
@media -o-paged {
To s e t t h e w h To l e p a g e c To n t e n t , y To u c a n d To t h i s :
@media -o-paged {
l {
: ;
: ;
When you load this page in a supporting browser, the whole page content will
be paginated, and you can flick through the pages by swiping left and right on a
touch device, and by using arrow keys on a non touch device.
Opera Reader/GCPM has many more features besides. See Håkon Wium Lie's
website at for experimental builds
and a more complete treatment.
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