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Note that I've also given the image some top and bottom margins, and removed
the top margin from the paragraphs directly after a heading or image to make the
paragraphs line up nicely across the columns. Figure 7.5 shows the result.
column-span seems a bit limited in its effects: The only available values are
1 and all , which seems surprising. I would expect it to break items across a set
number of columns higher than 1. In addition, it doesn't seem to work in Firefox
at the time of this writing, which limits its cross-browser appeal. In Firefox the
headings don't look too bad in one column, but the image looks rather broken.
At the time of this writing, work is being done on implementing column-span in
Firefox, but no ETA has been announced.
FIGURE 7.5 Causing selected
elements of the layout to span
multiple columns.
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