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FIGURE 7.3 A much neater
effect. You've created dividing
rules and column gaps to
improve legibility.
Next, you'll add a couple of properties to specify how to divide vertical rules and
space between the columns:
section {
column-width: 25rem;
column-rule: 3px solid #8B2101;
column-gap: 2rem;
This produces the result shown in Figure 7.3 .
Note that the value given to the column-gap property is divided equally on either
side of the column-rule . So in the preceding example, in between each column
you'll get a gap of 1 rem, followed by the 3-pixel rule, and then another gap of 1 rem.
Note that the column-rule property is shorthand and works in the same way
with the same values as the standard border property. You can even specify the
different components in longhand if you like:
column-rule-width: 3px;
column-rule-style: solid;
column-rule-color: #8B2101;
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