HTML and CSS Reference
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The CSS Multi-column layout spec provides you with a small, focused set of tools for
breaking a body of content into multiple columns. This isn't just limited to text: You
can create multi-col layouts with it if you like, and do smart tasks like have images
or other elements span more than one column. But it isn't great for full multi-col
layouts. For example, you can't specify different widths for individual columns.
So without further ado, let's look at a simple example. You can find my finished
example in the file simple-multi-col1.html in the chapter7 code download folder.
In the file, note that the multi-col-related properties have been specified with
prefixes for Firefox, and the WebKit browsers but not for IE and Opera, which sup-
ports them without prefixes. Also note that most of the properties are applied to
the parent container of the actual content you want to split into columns, in this
case the <section> element that contains the main dummy content.
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