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When using the web font icon solution, you'll need to include a separate
ruleset for each icon. A way to get around this and lessen the amount of
code is to use the new HTML5 data- attribute to store your text characters,
like this:
<li><a href=”#” data-icon=”H”>Home</a></li>
Yo u c a n p u t a ny t h i n g yo u l i like a ft e r t h e data- part, and store whatever data
you like in these custom attributes. Then you'll have your text characters
stored in your data-icon attributes; you can put them all on the page using
only a single CSS ruleset and eliminate the other four that were present
ul a:before {
: ;
Yo u c a in s e e my i m p l e m e nt at i o in i in w e b - fo nt- i co in s - d at a - at t r i b u t e s. ht m l .
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