HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 ( Back-
grounds and Borders defines anything to do with background and borders,
including rounded corners ( border-radius ), drop shadows ( box-shadow ),
and fancy border effects ( border-image ).
CSS Multi-column layout ( CSS Multi-column
layout defines an easy way to break up content into multi-column layouts
that reflow nicely rather than having to hack it with imprecise floats. You'll
meet these in Chapter 7.
CSS transforms ( and
TR/css3-3d-transforms). These two specifications define mechanisms for
transforming the size, position, and shape of elements in two and three
dimensions. I'll mainly talk about these in Chapter 5.
CSS transitions ( CSS transitions give you
a way to smoothly animate changes in state, such as a change in link color
or an increase in banner size on hover. You'll mainly see these in Chapter 5.
CSS animations ( CSS animations allow
you to implement Flash-style declarative animations using keyframes detail-
ing different property values, which the browser then “tweens” between.
These are also covered in Chapter 5.
CSS Flexible box layout ( Mainly intended for
equally distributing the height or width of rows or columns, this module
defines new values for the display property to allow more powerful layout
techniques. This is supported to varying degrees across modern browsers,
but it is definitely worth mentioning.
CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Level 3(
-images). This module contains some useful features for controlling back-
ground images and replaced content, some of which is starting to be sup-
ported across browsers. I'll cover linear and radial gradients among other
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