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In this case, all four of the transition properties will be transitioned over a
duration of 3 seconds, because that is the only value specified in the transition-
duration property. Then for transition-timing-function , the first property is
given ease-in , the second is given ease , and the third is given linear . But there
is one more property. To give this a timing function, you cycle back to the start of
the transition-timing-function list: the fourth property is therefore given the
ease-in timing function.
Yo u c a n s p e c i f y t h a t y o u w a n t a l l p r o p e r t i e s t h a t c h a n g e u p o n s t a t e c h a n g e t o
transition by just writing transition-property: all ;
NOTE: To b e h To n e s t , I v e r y r a r e l y h a v e t To w r i t e s u c h c To m p l i c a t e d
transitions. I usually just write something like transition: 1s all;
(the duration often varies).
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