HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
A good thought process to go through when implementing shiny features on a
website interface is as follows:
Create a base of accessible HTML content. The styling and behavior you
build on top of this content should, wherever possible, be usability and
stylistic enhancements, and not essential for accessing the content.
Consider whether you need to use all the cool, cutting-edge technologies
or whether you just want to because you're a cool kid who wants to be in
with the in crowd.
Check whether your proposed implementation will gracefully degrade
while leaving the base content accessible.
Te is t w h e t h e r t h e co n t e n t i is ac c e is is i b l e a n d O K l o o k i n g ac ro is is va r y i n g
devices (e.g., different screen sizes, control mechanisms).
In cases where the content is not accessible without the CSS3, WebGL,
or whatever, or not accessible to certain users, do your best to build in
alternative mechanisms that will provide access to that content.
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