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FIGURE 3.27 Contextual swashes (font is Nexus Serif from
FIGURE 3.28 Contextual alternatives (font is Mister K from
cswh . Contextual swashes are similar to stylistic swashes except that these
flourishes are used only in certain contexts ( Figure 3.27 ).
calt . Contextual alternatives are alternative letter forms available for use,
an example of which is shown in Figure 3.28 .
For more successful usage of advanced typographical font features, consider the
following tips.
Missing from the typographical puzzle seems to be how to determine which fonts
include the font features I've been discussing in this section so that you can use
them. At this time, it will take a bit of trial and error. When looking for a font to use,
my advice is to create a sample type template that includes all the potential letter
sequences you might want, and then apply a simple stylesheet to it that includes
all available ligatures and other font features. Then try applying different fonts to
it and observe the results. A service such as Fontdeck makes this very easy to do.
In Firefox 8 or IE10, try viewing the following example:
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